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Freight Forwarding/Brokerage

“The Masters Method is a valuable tool – easy to use and follow.”

Christina Velazquez
Custom Brokerage Manager
DHL Global Forwarding


“Most beneficial and I would highly recommend. I would like to send management Team. All information was truly helpful for future use in determining classification. I particularly appreciated Steve, Juan and Carime’s passion and enthusiasm! Not only was the course fun but it as a truly engaged and learned so much! Thank you! ‘Masters Method has greatly improved my confidence in HTS Classification!”

Kellie Chao
Assistant Vice President
OHL Global Freight Management and Logistics


“Highly interactive and the subject was presented in a clear and concise manner. New method of classifying product in most efficient way.”

Sossi Maghakian
Import Manager
Schenker Inc.


“The training is well thought out and represents a very good process that can be used in an operations environment.”

Ali Kamara
Brokerage Manager
Kuehne – Nagel, Inc.


“The Masters Method is a very simple but comprehensive approach to the extremely complex area of HTSUS classification. I strongly recommend this course.”

Mark Wisniewski
Customs Compliance Manager
Kuehne – Nagel, Inc.


“I strongly recommend to anyone dealing with international trade. Especially brokers and importers.”

Gilberto Beas
Import Supervisor
Kuehne + Nagel

“The training was great. I found the games to not only be fun but help in applying what we were learning. My head is still spinning from all the information I got. Now I need to try and pass this on to my co-workers. My first challenge is to be up to speed with everyone in my group before the end of July. Then my next challenge is to teach them how to do it better. I have already suggested an in house training for our whole team. And also think we should look at the tool you have for automatic classification. This might be something we want to do in the future. You guys keep up the good work.”
Jayne R Pierski
Customs Compliance-FTA Analyst


“Very informative, the process was mapped out clearly. I will be able to share with co-workers. I have done classification years ago and, this training clarified areas where I had difficulty in classifying quickly. I like the process steps and the way to document the answers to support you classification.”
Jayne Pierski

“Loved it with lots of good information I can apply at work. I had several ‘a-ha’ moments which is great for my continued education on classification. Thanks Zisser Group!”
Denisse Huicochea
U.S. Customs Support Manager
The Offshore Group